When it comes to keeping your family cool at home this summer, the service and expert air conditioning installations from Howell Heating & Cooling are second-to-none. With air conditioning rated uniquely to your home and your family's lifestyle, expert workmanship and your service level guarantee - you can be sure that you are choosing the perfect air conditioning system.

At Howell Heating & Cooling, our air conditioning experts can provide you with the information you need to decide on air conditioning unit installations and replacements. Our air conditioning system technicians can assess your current cooling needs and offer several options to help increase energy efficiency and decrease operating costs.

We offer routine maintenance, unit and duct cleaning that can enhance the performance of your cooling system and prevent costly repairs in the future. Our skilled technicians can identify and quickly fix any necessary repairs on your existing unit as well.

Below is the guaranteed quality experience you can expect from Howell Heating & Cooling; 


The perfect system doesn't just cool - you don't want to be cold, you want to be comfortable - but it can dehumidify as well. You can have it 'just right'. Best of all, with modern zoning technology the whole family can have it just the way they like it. Speak to Howell Heating & Cooling about how you can have total control over your home's air conditioning.


Home comfort with quality air-conditioning is more than immediate relief from the summer heat, it's the opportunity to unwind and relax in your home. And perhaps most importantly, it's the chance for a good night's sleep instead of tossing and turning in the humidity.


More air conditioning systems can offer substantial energy savings over older systems, which are savings you can make day after day. Not only do you benefit from lower energy costs, you help the environment too. You can read more about the improved energy efficiency on this page here, or you can speak with Howell Heating & Cooling today and we can assess the kind of on-going savings you might be able to make. 


Central air ducting doesn't have to be obtrusive, ducting as small as a few inches wide is possible. Your home can be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Speak to Howell Heating & Cooling - less obtrusive ducting can even be retrofitted to some existing systems.


Your new air conditioning system can be fitted with a variety of filters and ionizers to purify and freshen the air circulating in your home.

We offer the following services in the Ocean, Monmouth and Middlesex Counties in New Jersey for your cooling system:

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